About MBEA Councillors

The Association has an elected Executive Council made up of Senior Officers of Member organisations.

The Executive Council meets regularly to discuss and represent the interests of members at a broad level.  Please note, the Executive Council does not become involved in individual industrial issues.

Details of current councillors:


Louise Photo April 2016 105x125 Leigh 125x125

President: Louise Ryan – MyCredit Union

Deputy President:  Leigh Aberton – G&C Mutual Bank (formerly Quay Credit Union)

Joanne Marc Zarifa Portrait Photo 125x125
Joanne O'Donnell - Laboratories Credit Union Marc Zarifa - SCU

Mary Photo April 2016

Rosanna 125x125

Secretary for the Association: Mary Reid Rosanna Argall - G&C Mutual Bank
T Jackson Photo 125x125  
Tracey Jackson - Community First Credit Union